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Thomas McMillan

Thomas has always had a love of anything digital, from game systems to computers. For him the learning is never-ending. Throughout school he was commonly thought of as the “fix-it” friend. His father’s engineering background greatly assisted his creative solutions.

After graduating from Georgetown High School in 2012, He went to work for his father at McMillan Company. There his duties ranged from programming small microprocessors and their computer software counterparts to managing all 25 computers at the location. In 2014 he began to work for Friendly Connections IT where he is continuing his training in the Information Technology field. Through Friendly Connections IT he has been able to become A+ certified and is working on Microsoft Certifications.

He enjoys seeing the results of providing the best solutions to his customers giving them peace of mind and helping them enjoy using their computer systems.

Thomas plans on continuing with Friendly Computers for as long as they will have him and continuing his education in technology. While the technical aspect of his job is important to him he strives to become more a friend and partner to his customers.

Thomas works on the business customer service side of Friendly Computers.

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