I sometimes wonder about anyone using IE

10 August 2016

As with most people using PC’s I have a love/hate thing  going with Microsoft.  It is our lifeblood and really on the 25th anniversary of the world wide web it is astounding where things have gone. What started out as green characters on a black screen now nearly breathes life in three dimensions.  And so much of that is due to Bill Gate’s vision of a PC on every desk.  So I revere Microsoft’s accomplishments (All you Apple people sit back down.  This is a blog article about Microsoft.  You’ll get your turn).

But again today is an article brought to me by ESET via Grahm Cluey with today’s monthly security updates closing critical loopholes not only in Internet Explorer but in the Windows 10 Edge browser.  Edge browser is only a little over a year old and it seems to have the same problems as it’s elder cousin Internet Explorer.  For some reason Microsoft can’t get the security right.

I long ago gave up on IE in favor of Chrome as my standard browser.  My logic at the time was and continues to be a combination of a clean appearance, quick response, and superior security. My second standard is to enable as default the Google search engine.  In the decidedly unscientific survey that is our shop over eleven years and thousands of corrupt and infected PCs I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the two best options.  Add to that the usual security practices that should be in place no matter what browser is in use.

The biggest complaint people have about Chrome is one of privacy.  Google collects my information.  They grind it through massive data algorithms and occasionally I’ll get an ad or something that is relevant to me.  Or I would if I didn’t have uBlock on my browser.  If you don’t want information collected on you then turn off your computer, turn off your smart phone, your tablet, and your smart car and live an analog life.  I’ve used the best email system in existence, the best search engine in existence and the best browser in my opinion since they were each available.  For nothing.  Free.  In exchange I’m happy with Google collecting my search information and who knows what else.  Anyone else that wants it let me know and I’ll send it on.  Maybe you can figure out how to make a few billion bucks on it too.

So, be safe, be smart and, until Microsoft gets their browsing act together, stay off IE and Edge.