Residential Services


Friendly Connections IT is not just for businesses.  We can help you with your personal laptop or desktop or home network. Problems with email or keeping your photos and videos safe and backed up? We can help.  You can bring your computer to us on Williams Drive in Georgetown, or we will come to your home.

Your grandkids tried to ‘help’? You clicked on the wrong thing? That printer never wants to print when you need it? Give us a call now – 512.931.4134.

We’re happy to fix individual problems or one-time issues but we also have a heck of a deal with a service contract we think you should consider.


Friendly Residential Service (FRS24)

With this great service, your computer problems belong to us.

For a flat monthly fee we make things work. Period. If they don’t or if the FRS24 customer has a problem or question, we answer the phone. All at no additional charge. We protect their pictures or whatever else they want protected with our monitored backup service. Our FRS24 customers enjoy the luxury of getting up every morning to a computer that just runs right.

For just $55 per month FRS24 gives you:

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of one computer
  • Installation and monitoring of antivirus
  • 10GB for backing up all your photos and data
  • Automated maintenance and cleanup of your computer
  • Local Friendly support for your computer
  • Free phone support during working hours (2 hour Response time)
  • Priority on site support (48 hour response time) with 10% discount
  • All in shop labor included.

Why not join the club today? Give us a call (512-931-4134) and we’ll get you set up right away!