This year has been the worst in computer security history.

Every business feels like it is in the bullseye of organized crime prevalent throughout the Internet. With business computers only a click away from being compromised by organized crime security has continued to move to the forefront of concern. We work with the best in security partners to provide tools, systems and processes to keep our customer safe.

The lesson of needing good security systems integrated into small business systems is being too frequently repeated. Every business is concerned with their security. Friendly Connections IT can analyze your current situation, recommend and implement options to clean it up if necessary and maintain that secure posture going forward.

At Friendly Connections IT we take security seriously. We hold our company to even higher standards that the businesses who are our clients. Towards this end we maintain an ongoing review of our HIPAA compliance, the gold standard of security, and attest that this review has occurred. A number of different requirements are fulfilled during this review including training, updating documentation and continued process improvement. This ongoing security posture maintenance is documented by “Compliancehelper”, a third party compliance verification company, the scores for which as of today are: