Service Desk

Instead of calling around trying to find your IT guy or the person who can find your IT guy…

Instead of trying to fix it yourself spending time away from what you could be doing to further the company goals and today’s work; instead of being frustrated by a slow computer, popups, printing problems what if you could just push a button and help would appear?

That’s what it is like with the FC Managed Service Desk. We will set up a button on your computer. Push the button, let us know what the problem is and someone will respond. If you can’t wait that long we’ve got a speed dial set up on your phone and within seconds you will be talking to someone who knows your company, knows your systems and is ready to answer your question or fix the problem. We have found that 80% of the problems we get can be solved remotely. If we’ve got to be there in person you will have the opportunity to track the progress of your solution so that you know when the problem will be fixed.

That is the Friendly way our partners enjoy