Great newsletter! You make it all so easy. I love having Friendly ConnectionsIT as a part of my business team. I can be sure that my computers (4) and my server (1) are all working great and playing nicely together. And, when I call, you guys ARE friendly. Thanks.

Catherine Jewell, Career Passion Coach (CareerPassionCoach.com)

I have been a very satisfied FRS customer at Friendly Connections IT  for a year now and have told them to renew my service for another year.  But most importantly I have been a customer of theirs for a number of years and will continue to be.  I was given their name by my neighbor who also was a very satisfied customer.  When you have computer problems the only people to call is Friendly Connections IT and they will fix the problem.  The staff is friendly, patient and very knowledgeable so in plain English, it’s a no brainer, use Friendly Connections IT!!

Kitty Robertson, Sun City Resident and Friendly Residential Service Customer

We are residential customers who use Friendly Connections IT’s monthly service to keep our computer safe.  We never have to be concerned about viruses or other attacks on our computer by hackers because Friendly Connections IT watch it for us 24/7.

Recently, our hard drive crashed, so we did have to buy a new computer.  We chose to purchase it from Friendly Connections IT and received excellent service in our transactions to buy and set up the computer.

Dave and Nancy Snow, Sun City Resident and happy Friendly Residential Service customer

Real nice to have a service technician arrive when scheduled. No waiting on our part. All work was completed in a timely and professional manner. Will definitely use your company in the future. Thanks.

Michael Barnes

I was totally pleased with the service that I received for the problem I reported. As it turns out, the router was not a problem at all as Sudden Link had said it was, and Bryant was able to get me back to service in a matter of about a minute! You guys are absolutely wonderful, and I recommend you to my neighbors all the time. Every one I’ve recommended you to has used you and been pleased. Thanks for being so reliable and honest.

Pat Conquest – Sun City Resident

AVG Cloudcare is a wonderful tool for filtering off-site mobile devices. It does exactly what I needed it to do. And Friendly Connections IT has excellent service and understood just what I needed.

Andrea Dolan – Technology Director Granger ISD

As always you guys are on top of it! Thank you so much for always making us priority, you have no idea how much easier it makes my life to have a team of professionals like Friendly Connections IT on our side. I’ve always been pleased with your promptness and end result. Thanks so much for your services & your professionalism!

Rosa Aquardo – Cobra Stone

We have been using Friendly Connections IT exclusively for several years and have never received anything but exceptional service. If all companies were as easy to deal with as your company life would be easy.

Kent Burkhart

Friendly Connections IT is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and offer competitive pricing. They have been exceptional to meet the needs of our business. We are pleased to have “friends” that we can contact.

Al Clawson Disposal

As you know my relationship with Friendly Connections IT goes back a long way. I signed up with Friendly Residential Service in April of 2014 and the program has relieved my stress because I do not have to guess about down loads. I appreciate your managing that for me. I do not miss all the ads vying for my attention. I do not worry about hackers invading. Your security keeps it clean.
I have always been able to count on quick and knowledgeable attention to my calls. I have complete trust that Friendly Connections IT will have me up and running.
Helping me solve my problem with Verizon has sped up my online fun. I am amazed at the improvement! That is what you had been telling me, Jake, for months.
We like FRS 24 so much that we put my husband’s computer on it too!

Barbara Leeper Sun City Resident and FRS 24 Client

Friendly Connections IT has always been prompt, courteous, helpful and very professional. I will recommend you to all my friends (in fact, I already have). Thank you for a job well done.

LaNell Bilbro Sun City Resident – FRS 24 Customer

I have been using this firm, Friendly Connections IT for about five years now.  I have always gotten fantastic service and been treated as a friendly neighbor, more than a customer.  The people are very nice and knowledgeable.  I take all my computer problems to them and have even had them build me a desktop tower that is still in use daily.  I am not a gamer, but I write stories for the internet as well as edit stories for about seven authors.  Since I am retired, I’m usually on my computer eight to twelve hours a day.  I have yet to come across a problem that Friendly could not fix.

Robert (Bob) Ross – Sun City Resident

My computer had been giving me grief for a month. During that time, my Best Buy Geek Squad worked on my computer invasively for at least 2 weeks. I’ll bet they worked collectively for over 20 hours to fix the issues. Finely, at wits end, I brought my computer to Bill Schubert at Friendly Connections IT. Bill under promised and over delivered by telling me I would have my computer back within2 days.

Within 24 hours, I received a call that my computer was all tuned up and ready to go. Whatever they did that the Geek Squad couldn’t do is beyond me!

I totally agree with Bill when he says, “Why call the Geek Squad when you can call a Friend!”

Thanks a bunch!

Judy Hayes

As a small business owner, I depend on communications using a complex network that includes hardwired and wireless equipment. A friend had setup and supported the network. but has since moved out of state. Since I could no longer call my friend when issues arose, I began to panic when the first big problem occurred. I first called another local company that touted to be network experts. After many hours of work and a hefty bill, they gave up. As the issue was way over my head, I called Friendly Connections IT to see if they could trace the problem. They were prompt to respond, and were able to resolve the issue. I have since called on them several times with good results. My most recent problem involved loss of access to the internet, requiring rebooting of the entire network. As this reset was often 1/4 mile from my office, and the loss of access happened several times per day, this was quite inconvenient. Josh traced the problem to an older piece of hardware and was successful in upgrading the firmware He left a set of test procedures to use, should it happen again. The service has ‘blinked’ for a second or two, but has not dropped since. I appreciated the fact that Josh spent time tracing the issue rather than immediately discarding the hardware and replacing it with new. Additionally, documenting the debugging procedure to use is great, should this problem recur. I highly recommend Friendly Computer for your network and computer issues.

Nancy Patton – Southern Star Boarding Kennel, Florence, TX

We have had the pleasure of working with Friendly Connections ITover the last few years and are happy to share a Letter of Recommendation regarding the service they have provided to our nonprofit humanitarian mission organization.

Each employee with Friendly Connections IT has provided MEDICO with the most professional service in computer support. We have experienced them to be extremely dependable, reliable, conscientious, honest, courteous, and always helpful above and beyond the call of duty. They have provided their services both at their place of business as well as ours. While Friendly Connections IT provides our organization free services as a nonprofit foundation, they have not given us any less in their service than they would for a paying customer.

We highly recommend Friendly Connections IT as the place to receive the best qualified support with any computer needs you may have whether for personal or business. They have always answered every question we had no matter how trite as well as fixed any problem we were experiencing no matter how big or how small, and always in a timely manner.

Friendly Connections IT comes with the highest of recommendation from MEDICO. If you want to receive the highest quality of work, make Friendly Connections IT the business of choice for your computer needs.

Lynda Peters – Cofounder/Executive Director, MEDICO

Everyone needs a computer tech, but seldom are they needed full time. As a small business we’ve elected to have Friendly Connections IT as our partner to provide us the computer technical maintenance and expertise WHEN we need it. They are available, quick to respond and best of all FRIENDLY!

Dot Ammons – Mel’s Lonestar Lanes, Georgetown, TX

I’ve always appreciated Friendly Connections IT ability to convey a complex computer problem to someone with relatively little tech experience or know how.   Your staff are always more than courteous when I drop my computer off for service.    As a business owner, time without my computer, creates the potential for lost revenue.   Your staff always bend over backwards to get my computer in and out quickly.

Billy Kurtz – Broker/Owner – Kurtz Properties LLC.

Friendly Connections IT has been supplying maintenance upkeep and repairs as needed on our systems for well over two years. We depend on them to keep us up and running, a big task for our church. Everything we do depends on the information contained on our computers.

We have a network consisting of a server and over 15 computers, computer systems that are responsible for PowerPoint in our Sanctuary, the Multi-purpose Room, and the software that runs our church programs which needs updating monthly.

We have had excellent service. They are well qualified and have helped us on at least three occasions when our main system has been struck by lightning. Because they have maintained our systems and assisted us in getting the proper off-site back up and in office security, we have not been down for more than a few hours.

Our church considers them a very valuable asset to our ministry

Crestview Baptist Church

The immediate response and attention to detail that I receive from Friendly Connections IT has allowed me to focus my attention on running my business, not the validity of my network.

Bill Pennell – Georgetown Home Medical

When we were looking for a computer network we talked to a number of companies. Some didn’t even show up to give us quotes while others talked to over our heads. When we talked to the Friendly Connections IT staff we knew we were talking to the right people. In just a few days we had a quote for our custom-designed system. Friendly then sent their techs to complete the installation process as well as all of our network needs and follow-up service. They have a great remote troubleshooting system but when an on-site technician was needed someone came out almost immediately. You can’t beat their prices and service!

Mike Payne – Fidelis Publishing Group

Frankly, I couldn’t be more delighted. The technician was very helpful in giving points for future use and explaining processes. Thank you, I was satisfied the first time I used your service Wish I had come to you first this time.

Virginia Partain

I have been a client of Friendly Connections IT for around a decade now. Their service delivery always exceeds my expectations and their fees & charges have always been very reasonable. I know when I need assistance with a PC or my LAN that I am in good hands with Friendly Connections IT and my problem will magically disappear! And they always live up to their name!

Michael E Lairmore – Extraco Mortgage

I find ‘Friendly Connections IT’ lives up to their name as well as being prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable. These characteristics are extremely important to me since I am an online instructor of the course Mobile Learning Instructional Design, a graduate program for the University of Wisconsin-Stout and depend on my computer 24/7.  At one point during off hours, I hurriedly took my laptop to another major computer repair site, but they were unable to solve the problem. When I returned from my trip, I took my laptop to ‘Friendly Connections IT’ who were able to diagnose and repair the problem for a reasonable price. I greatly appreciate ‘Friendly Connections IT’ commitment to swift, informed, and detailed work.

Ann Bell – Author/Online Instructor and Course Developer

I’ve used Friendly Connections IT a number of times for my business and home computer needs.  I’ve been very happy with their professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service, including service calls they’ve made to my home and trips I’ve made to their office.  They have built several computers for me, installed printers and software, backed-up data files, suggested new security measures, and have answered many, many questions.  I highly recommend Friendly Connections IT for your business or home!

Angel Slater

It is my pleasure to recommend Friendly Connections IT on Williams Dr. in Georgetown.  I have used their services twice in the past year and have found them to be FRIENDLY, courteous, prompt, and reasonably priced.   As a Senior Citizen, I was not brought up in the computer age and as a result have messed up my laptop on several occasions.  I love knowing that I can go back to them anytime, even without an appointment in advance and they will handle my needs and correct my mistakes, without making me feel that I need to buy the book….COMPUTER FOR DUMMIES !  I want to see their business flourish and remain available to all of us in this area.

Beverly Greer, Sun City, Georgetown

I have always found the staff at Friendly Connections IT of Georgetown to be knowledgeable, quick, and very reasonable.  The staff is always ready to provide friendly advice when you need it.  I recommend your services whenever someone ask for a place to take their computers.  Nobody has been disappointed.

 Bill Davis

I have no suggestions on improvement because I am very satisfied with the service Friendly Connections IT provides.   I like working with Jake and he is very patient with me and gets the job done. I moved to Georgetown October 2007 and I think you started working on my computers in 2008 so just please stay in business and keep Jake employed!!

Kitty Robertson, Sun City, Georgetown