Time to renew your AVG

17 November 2016


I’m including some information this year with your AVG CloudCare invoice so that you might better understand the value of the product.  If you are getting this invoice, your PC is protected by AVG CloudCare in partnership with Friendly Connections IT.  We actually manage the system, AVG provides the platform and the antivirus.

You may have AVG on your computer without having paid for it so far.  We put it on every computer we sell and every computer we back up and reload.  We typically do this for the balance of the year without charge so this may be your first notice of payment.  The $39.95 plus tax per computer is for the entire year 2017.

As you can see here AVG CloudCare is business class antivirus.  No frills, no marketing, nothing but solid malware protection.

We have been using AVG now for 11 years and our results speaks volumes.  In all of that time with thousands upon thousands of customers we have seen almost no malware on PC’s running AVG.  Since moving to CloudCare it has only gotten better.  With AVG CloudCare we have the best of AVG without any of the noise that sometimes appears in the consumer version.  It is easy to install and requires no re installation.


Send us a check or call with a credit card or Stop by and say hello and we’ll take care of the payment on the spot.

But we need your payment sometime in December.  On the 1st of January this stellar protection will expire.

Give us a call 512-931-4134 with questions, answers or payment.  I’m good with any of the three.

Bill Schubert

Owner, Friendly Connections IT