We need a Level One Computer Technician

25 January 2017

Job Description


The Level One technician will primarily be working independently with residential and home office customers. In addition, the Level One tech will work in a team setting on projects with small businesses and support the Service Manager with shop work. This is first and foremost a customer service job. The ability to interact with a variety of personalities is critical to be successful.


There are three areas of responsibility for the Level One Technician.

1 – On Site Support of customers

2 – In Shop Repairs

3 – Assist with remotely supporting customers. Friendly Residential Service is contract services, with remote residential customers, monitoring and remediation systems.

1 – On site

The Level One Technician working onsite is the front line for technical services to the customer. The technician communicates clearly the methods of operation that are required as well as successfully implements them. In most cases, the ideal scenario involves providing the solution onsite without removing the equipment from the customer premises; however, in some cases the equipment may be brought to our facility in order to execute repairs.

Specific technical duties defined per incident include:

  • Analysis and Investigation of problems
  • Repair, substitution or replacement of faulty hardware
  • Repair, installation, reinstallation or reprogram of software
  • Testing and error checking of solutions
  • Backup of data in order to restore functionality
  • Provide recommendations as necessary for the general health of the equipment
  • Provide technical documentation and/or materials upon request
  • Follow-up with Customer after the solution has been implemented

Specific Non-technical duties include:

  • Maintaining correct records in job tracking software for every customer interaction
  • Confirmation and Follow-up calls to clients as necessary

2 – In shop

Ensure that all customer equipment brought back to the shop is correctly inventoried and documented. Report to the Service Manager the status and customer expectations of the job and schedule the return of the equipment. When not working on site or on specific jobs assist the Service Manager with jobs in the shop.

3 – Remote systems

As directed by the Service Manager monitor applicable remote monitoring systems to ensure that contract customers are secure and operating efficiently.


We are looking for someone who fits with our current team of three and who can successfully interact with our customer base which is primarily, on the residential side, significantly older. Much of the work consists of answering their questions and assisting them with what they want to do.

The ability and desire to solve IT related puzzles through independent research online (Google, Reddit, etc) and team interaction. It is far less important to know the answers than to be willing and able to find the answers. To demonstrate they have read this far, any qualified candidate who adds the word Orange to the first paragraph of their resume will find themselves in the head of the line of applicants.


Basic and Intermediate knowledge of Windows PCs and troubleshooting. Demonstration of this through A+ or Microsoft certification is desired but not required. Certification as A+ or MSP in the first 90 days is a job requirement. Certification prior to being hired will increase the pay scale.

Knowledge of IOS systems. We are currently a Windows only shop. Someone who can successfully troubleshoot Apple systems in addition to their PC skills would expand our customer base and increase their pay scale.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Georgetown, TX

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Computer Repair: 1 year