Your mail box is NOT full – quick head’s up on a dangerous spam

I’ve gotten two of these and we’ve had a couple of customers call so I thought I’d send out a quick warning.  Below is a copy of the email saying my O365 mailbox is nearly full.  First of all, look at the from line.  Who is  It is some poor company whose email has been spoofed, AKA stolen, by spammers.  They are a legitimate company in for a lot of grief.

All of the links except at the bottom Microsfot area go to a site that will download viruses on your computer (likely what happened to Best Machine INC).  I checked the site on my Android phone and got all kinds of warnings from Google and Chrome and decided to quit while I was ahead.  DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THIS EMAIL!

The link HTTPS:// is valid.  If you type it in your browser it will take you to your email.  BUT if you click on the link it will go to another site and download a virus.  If you get this email you can safely hover over the links and see for yourself where the go, just don’t click on them.  Weirdly, the links at the bottom for Legal and Privacy do actually go to the Microsoft site.

Give us a call if you’ve got any questions.  Friendly Connections 5412-931-4134